Sahar Jusenkyou MkII-Class Carrier

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Sahar Jusenkyou Mark II class of carrier is an upgraded version of the Sahar Jusenkyou-Class Carrier. The original Sahar was produced in small numbers during the Age of the Dragon as part of the Gailen Fleet Revision.

Development History

During the Long Night, the Foundation was forced to heavily scale-back its ship production, and was allowed only to construct un-armored (and unarmed) single-deck carriers, and frigates. They did, however, maintain a strong tradition of ship-building by producing incomplete warships for the Trans-Draconic Federation (under the rule of Samuel Fate, the Foundation was forbidden from constructing large "warships", but nothing could stop them from building large, heavily armored vessels with convenient holes in their hulls for the mounting of turrets and other advanced weapon systems).

Following the Long Night, the Foundation was keen to get new warships into the field as fast as possible, in order to project its naval power and asert itself as a dominant force. Initially, the Blind Council favored the rapid production of many small, cheap warships that could be rolled off the line in rapid succession and replaced as needed.

However, with the other major powers already presenting substantial forces, Instructor Gailen persuaded the council that the number of ships was less important than the "value" of each individual ship. The old Sahar design already had the firepower and fighter-capacity of an entire battle group, and with proper escorts could project considerable power.

Additionally, Gailen had been working together with Joshua Jusenkyou on numerous upgrades to the design, including a revolutionary--but practical--engine. A prototype had already fought in the Battle of the New Day, and proven itself. The Blind Counsel agreed, and production began on the upgraded ship.

Design Enhancements

The Mark II kept the same dimensions, layout, and basic design elements of her earlier counterpart, but incorporated many enhancements originally developed for the Victory Fleet as well new technologies pioneered during the Long Night.