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(Important Characters who Actually Never Show Up in the Series)
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*[[Slave-Girl Lyria]]
*[[Admiral Frazetta]]
*[[Admiral Frazetta]]

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Welcome to the large, long, and mostly incomplete character directory. In here you will find all characters, big and small, major and minor, pro and an, who appear in the Course Books. Eventually.

Major Characters

These would be all the big guys who star in their own stories or at least show up fairly often. They are the most important to the plot, and if you've already read the books you probably recognize their names. Character pages will be forthcoming, along with a list of in which stories and books the particular character appears.

Alphabetical Order by First Name:

Historical Characters

Some people get mentioned over and over again within the Course Books lexicon. These are characters who do not actively show up in the series but are mentioned from time to time, and may appear in their own stories.

Minor Characters

And there are a lot of them. This should take a looooong time to complete.

Important Characters who Actually Never Show Up in the Series

These would be the people of importance who as of yet have never showed up in any story but bear mentioning.

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